Bespoke event seating ideas with SteelDeck


Deck-based seating is, as its name suggests, built using a system of stage decks. We generally use SteelDeck™ which is the industry’s preference. Built to suit the requirements of the event, it is flexible and capable of being erected on uneven surfaces or made to fit irregular shapes, however it is subject to certain parameters of size by virtue of its deck sizes.


A positive of this type of solution is that clients can provide their own seating to be used on the decks if required or desired, and it can also be made with sufficiently deep tiers to allow patrons to not have to stand to allow others to reach their seat. 

Note to hirers. Seating used must be capable of being secured to its neighbour and the structure. We would be happy to advise on this or supply suitable seating if required. Please ask for more details. It’s quite common for a tiered unit to be augmented by row(s) of floor standing (groundlink) seats.